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About Dr. Samuel
Dr. Evelyn Teague Samuel is a gifted and charismatic orator, connecting with people of all ages and walks of life to provide her inspirational life message and mantra of planning, perseverance and excellence in all things. She owns and operates The Efficiency Institute with the express purpose of reaching and equipping youth, business professionals and other medical practitioners with the necessary life skills, knowledge, and proven systems to succeed in any venture or calling. Serving as a personal and tangible exemplar of her message, Dr. Samuel blends real-world examples with humor, wit and insight to stir the soul of her audience and provide new hope, renewed drive and a world of new and promising possibilities. Her freshly-published book, “100 Things I HATE/Love about Dentistry, A professional’s guide to efficiency, profitability, and sanity!” is an assembly of practical vignettes designed to inspire and instruct business professionals through their everyday challenges.

Efficient Practice Bootcamp

The Efficient Practice Bootcamp is an eight week intensive mastermind to help you take your practice to the next level. It's designed to get you results.

Telephone Bootcamp

Live Interactive Workshop to train your team on everything first impressions in your office, Answering the Phone Properly thus solving the real reasons patients do not schedule..
Have You Heard the Latest Episode of The Efficient Practice Podcast?
Ready to gain efficiencies that lead to increased productivity, profitability and a better quality of life? Whether you are striving to have the Efficient Practice or using Efficient Practice to optimize your business, this show is sure to offer you pearls of wisdom to grow, 10x and maximize your establishment! Dentists, small business owners, team members and support who are chasing the dream, this show is for you! Dr. Samuel will interview high performance business gurus, leaders in the dental industry and share tips that led her to practice in the top 1 % percentile of dental offices.
Imagine if you could put a fast forward button on problems you'll eventually figure out.  That's what coaching does, if you get feedback from someone whose already done what you want to do! 

It's been proven that group training/coaching produces results similar to those of individual coaching if participants fully commit to the process!
Everything Your Practice Should Know About First Impressions For Your Office!
Find out what the top 1 % of dentists now that you don't!
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